Yesterday I started receiving emails from men in my area who are supposedly viewing my online dating profile! The profile has my name, age, and email!

I don't list my age on my Facebook, but they have taken my Facebook picture and somehow found my age! I am not single and this could have been devastating to my relationship if I am seen as public ally dating online! The thought that all these weird guys are looking at my so called profile is disturbing. Not to mention anyone I know, who knows my partner too.

Can I sue for this?? I can believe this it's so ***

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

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Fake profiles can destroy your life. Propaganda causes civil unrest and is often used to create hate and can cause casualties and deaths amongst innocent people


Zoosk does advertise on FaceBook, all it takes is an accidental click on their ad, and you are on zoosk, like it or not, then you and get out of it, this happened when a friend was on my computer with me, and we were on his profile on FB, now when I'm on MY Zoosk account, it tries to connect me to HIS facebook account, even though it's the same computer. It's the way Zoosk uses cookies!


Wow this is creepier,for me now that I have read this. single mom divorced for 15 years wanting to meet quality men believing that I could trust this site with my personal information and they will not post my photo unless they can verify with a front possibilities devised and yet they have verified with Facebook who I am how would they know that my Facebook account is valid and they should be able to verify photo with my Facebook photos if that Be the case trying to make sense of it all

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