Signed up for 1 month 5 days ago. They charged me $88.00 ..a $59.00 "Setup Charge" as if that wasn't enough..ALL the contacts who indicated they wanted to chat..did not !! Then I got to thinking this is a scam,made to look like a real dating site, but not !

The rest is not important. Most Internet dating/marriage/hookup sites are just an advertisement to *** sites with web cam girls on prerecorded movies..etc.

Two (2) exceptions would be www.thailovelinks.com,and www.blossoms.com.....No problem meeting friends there !

Good Luck people...


Product or Service Mentioned: Zoosk Online Dating.

Monetary Loss: $88.

Store Location: New York, New York

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those foreign sites are full of women who want to come to the us and get citizenship and clean u oout

i even saw one on tv come from russia marry a man kill him take all his money and go back to her old boyfriend in russia


Yes Zoosk is a rip off, I look through the profiles and it allows to to wink for free, and if someone has automated wink return, slick move Zoosk, it sends you back a wink message. So there were 2 that was of interest.

So I joined at what is an overrated price, well guess what those 2 have not been online since I joined and probably haven't been for a long time, but as long as there profile is active with automated wink return, it will help suck you in. Don't join/

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