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Zoosk.com dating site is a SCAM,

this company over charged my debit card 29.95 --- I signed up for a 3 month membership that cost only 39.95, they charged me 69.94 and after several e-mails to them asking them to fix this mistake ( you can't reach them by phone ) they finally wrote me back saying that the extra 29.95 was a one time membership fee,, WTF is that ? the 39.95 was the membership fee ( 13.32 x 3 ), I have contacted my bank and they say that there is nothing that they or I can do about this --- I am hoping that the BBB can do something but I fear that I was somehow legally RIPPED OFF by a company that works through Catch-22's and legal loop-holes. nowhere on Zoosk's site does it say anything about a additional 29.95 fee on top of the normal membership charges. to make matters even worse -- since I have complained to them and tried to get my money back they have placed a filter on my account where I can no longer get messages from other members and my messages to others do not go anywhere, so I am out a total of 69.94 with no service and no membership access and NO refund availible. this is a very crooked company that makes their money pilfering the bank accounts of lonely hearted singles. DO NOT sign up with these people -- they will take your money and in the long run you will be worse off then you are right now. do your homework and look at and read all the complaints throughout the internet about this company,, the ***'s out-weigh the pro's when it comes to Zoosk,, there are totally free sites out there that will not steal from you,,, example ( plentyoffish.com ) ( totally free ) and from what I have seen - the same people that are there are the same people that are from Zoosk. so save your money and do not fall victim to these crooks --- believe me, you will not get anywhere with Zoosk, there is nothing good about them, and I hope that more people complain so that people will become aware of these on-line dating site scams.

may this help some of you out there,


Product or Service Mentioned: Zoosk Account.

Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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Everything you said is true. I got ripped of the same way but I figured out how to avoid the hidden activation fee.

As soon as I paid them for a subscription all the enticing views, messages, and views as a free member suddenly decreased. The only ones I got made little sense, were not in sync with any message I sent or the views were happening at 3 or 4 AM local time. Chats weren't real. All that *** was auto-generated.

ITS A SCAM!!! When I called to get my money back (hasn't been one day) they just gave excuse after excuse. Our call ended with a resounding *** I immediately called my credit card company to report fraud on my card, a charge based on misrepresentation of services I never received. My card company will block the charge and I'll go on a rampage to bad mouth this insane rip-off company.

How can this company even stay in business??? Run, run, run away from this SCAM company!!!

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