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I deactivated my account, not intending to ever use it again, and was hopeful that my profile would not still be visible to others. But I continue to be contacted by other users regardless.

I wrote to customer support, asking them to permanently delete my profile. They wrote back a long spiel on how to "deactivate" my account, and to just not log in again, and to ignore the emails I would continue to get. WTF. If you sign up for this app, you can't ever get your information removed.

You can unsubscribe from the emails, but other users can still see your profile and try to message you even if you "pause" or "deactivate" your account. Probably because they want to create the impression that as many people as possible actually use this app.

Product or Service Mentioned: Zoosk Account.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Deactifated account after one month. Still getting emails.

Now charged again on my bank account. I'm closing my bank account due to this scam site. Someone needs to sue their butts who live where their main office is. How do I get emails when my picture is no longer on this site or my info.

I even talked to them to make sure it deactivated before my one month was up. Wtf

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