Received email stating I am married that is wrong n I want to talk to someone my account is already deactivated and if I cant clear this up ASAP I will definitely put a bad review on yelp and anything else describing what you guys are doing to me which is wrong I explained I did my google account cu that was the one I wanted to use instead of my yahoo. You can check my account I was receiving all communication through my yahoo.

I am not a fraud and dont appreciate this especially after I deactivated my account and cancelled. Wow maybe I should never use you again and put my truth out there against your company since you sure can send the email but failed to see all my email trial to address this issue which I find serious!!!! I want to be contacted in my yahoo email since that is the one I received all communication with.

I h e proof of everything!!!!!!! How dare you say I am committing fraud and that I am married wow that was back in 1980 and in 1981 I was single again really wow!!!!!

Thank you

Alicia Goodson

User's recommendation: Don’t use your site since you send out emails with false or inaccurate information.

Preferred solution: Apologize and to let me state my side since I am involved and know the facts!!!!!.

Zoosk Cons: Fake views.

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