I registered for 6 months, paying £70 plus. I realised almost immediately that I could not message people who were interested unless I purchased extra coins?

If I get a match I can hardly see who I am looking at - as their picture is cameo and very small, it asks me to say yes / no or maybe. even if I say yes, I am asked to purchase coins.It is a total *** and worse than that, I am unable to contact them or cancel my follow on subscription. A total scam in my eyes. I don't even care about the subscription, what i am concerned about is the follow up subscriptions that I am finding really difficult to address.

In other words I am unable to cancel. I recommend to anyone don't bother joining.

Monetary Loss: $70.

Location: Manchester, England

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call and tell them stop ur subscription or report the credit card u used as lost

or close the bank acct the moneys is coming out of


As a suspicious zoosk user i know how you feel. I too was almost taken, but then i did my homework and searched comment boards like pissed comsumer and others and heard horror stories like the one you told. Thanks for blowing the whistle

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