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need refund

by Dodi

why did you deduct money from my account directly. i didn't choose any plan

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How do I cancel my subscription?

2 answers
On Behalf of Pissed Consumer Help Center #1594066
If you want to cancel your subscription, check what can be done for this in the answer to question #4451
I cancelled and they kept charging me. Just cancel your card.
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I had cancelled for today, but changed my mind and subscribed this morning again. Am I on for $14.97 again now?

Hope I caught it before it was cancelled. Barb

1 answer
I still should have two weeks before my subcretion should end and I got my account expired

General questions about my service

by Krystyna

Call me back ...someone with a pulse..not an automated ...pressed 5 ,for help then said I pressed wrong number.

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I want to cancel my subscription

How do I cancel my subscription this dating app sucks badly

1 answer
Want to cancel my subscription


by Rahaf

I send messages but dont seem to receive any wonder of there is a problem with my account

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by Yassir

Someone as set up an account in my name email address and some how used my bank account so please can you get in touch with me on 07935100296 yoursthankfully n gallimore

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My nsmname is ernest

by Analise

I would like to know why cant I log into my account. Here's my email.

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Deleted account

by Vedanth

I deleted my account several months ago but being told my pictures are still up and profile..

This has caused problems in my new marriage and need everything removed immediately.

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by Katlyne

I have paid for £60 for membership which I think it's enough but when I see someone I like and they like me i can't connect or even see his profile without forking out even more money! Why is this?

I also don't think you show all the members in a search.

This is a swindle. Please explain.

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by Lorrie

Christian enginner is the name of my account and I’m getting a match for my brother it took payment from my credit card but I can’t access the site. It’s gives mevalidation code for my cell number 4086935790 but it doesn’t take it. I can’t talk message the members

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Reinstate my account.

by Naveen

I got my new debit card and the 3 debit number has been changed. How do I submit my new debit card 3 debit code to continue on the site?

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Cancel subscription

It's one month subscription ends in 15th trying to reach customer support to cancel

1 answer
On Behalf of Pissed Consumer Help Center #1592982
If you'd like to cancel your Zoosk subscription, you can read the instructions provided in the answer to the question #4451.
You can contact Zoosk customer support
by phone: 888 939-6675,
or by post: Zoosk, Inc., 77 Van Ness Ave., #1313, San Francisco, CA 94102


Hi . I signed up for month only and you have just taken another months subscription from my account .

Without my permission.

I feel if this is not refunded and an explanation as why you took another months subscription without notifying me I will go to trading in standards and report the company for taking my money without permission. Annette simpson

1 answer
On Behalf of Pissed Consumer Help Center #1592972
In case you want to cancel your Zoosk subscription, the procedure will vary depending on whether you purchased your subscription directly from the company’s website, or via a third party such as Amazon, Apple devices, or iTunes. Read more on how to cancel your subscription here.

My state

My state in my profile should read Bridgeport WV not Bridgeport Conn. Can it be corrected to WV

1 answer
Would like state changed on my profile to Bridgeport WV not Bridgeport Conn

Don't know anything about this website and didnt autherise this transaction

I wanna know how I can get my money back because I did not autherise this transaction or know anything about this website never been on this website before

1 answer
On Behalf of Pissed Consumer Help Center #1592968

Zoosk’s help center recommends you to contact customer service team in regards to unauthorized or unknown charges and other issues with payment.
There is a support chat button at the bottom of every Zoosk customer help center page that you can use to reach out to the Zoosk customer assistance team. You may also use Zoosk contact info on Pissed Consumer to contact the company.


start of subsciption

I subscribed two days ago. (or so I thought) but have no membership yet.

1 answer
Have paid week ago and still not activated...kerry lynn holtman

All my photos are gone on my profile. Where did they go?

1 answer
On Behalf of Pissed Consumer Help Center #1592964
According to FAQs, the photos can be removed from your profile if:
1) Nudity
2) Sexually suggestive or explicit photos
3) Underwear photos
4) Personal contact information - for your safety, do not include email addresses, URLs, phone numbers, Facebook or other social network links, your full name, or any similar information
5) Cartoons or artwork that you did not create
6) Stock photos - including all Windows stock images
7) Violence of any kind
8 ) Weapons
9) Drug use or illegal activity
10) Copyrighted images, trademarked images, and any images that you do not own
11) Photos or images of models, celebrities, sports teams, or miscellaneous photos downloaded from the web
Read what can be done in case your photo was removed from Zoosk profile in the article " Customer Care and Support with FAQs: How can I cancel my Zoosk subscription?"

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