I'm a recent widow and new to on-line dating so I chalk this up to a learning experience. Put my info out there and found a lot of people interested.

Two men sent me messages almost immediately. One said he lived in Hilton Head, SC so we did a couple of chats on your site and he asked me to send him my phone # so we could text. I did and he started asking me questions that I had answered in my profile. He told me that his 23 yr old daughter put him on here.

The next day I got the same request from a guy who said he was in Charlotte, NC and his profile said he had a different accent. He called me and sure enough, he did have what he said was an Albanian accent and he also said that his teenaged daughter put him on the site. He also asked questions that told me he really hadn't looked at my profile. I decided to check out the phone numbers they had used to call me using Been Verified and find that one of the numbers is in a woman's name in Connecticut.

The other number shows no name found and the locale of the number could not be found. When I went back on the page to check them out one of them had changed his location from Hilton Head to Savannah, GA. The other one continues to text me. I've deleted my account and feel quite foolish that I was so naive.

I should have checked the numbers before I did anything else...live and learn. I was only on there about 4 days.

User's recommendation: Only talk to people using the site's chat.

Product or Service Mentioned: Zoosk Online Dating.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Zoosk Pros: Large database.

Zoosk Cons: This problem, Hard to cancel subscription.

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