i have been very patient,and you have told me i would receive a refund,well since ive waited this long and still have no refund to my bank, you have given me these so called refund numbers 3159108090-$59.94 and 3159108089- $35.80. my ( u.s.

bank manager) has told me there has been NO refund to my account from zoosk 30 days,and i signed up on zoosk in july 2020 and you blocked my account in august 2020,further more i looked at your rules and i have not broke any of the rules on zoosk.i have looked at your rules and i know i didnt break any of them,WHY cause im actually talking to a woman i met off your site and i was going to make a nice paragraph on how good and nice the site was to meeting a nice lady of zoosk..further more, put yourself in my position.wouldnt you be some what upset that you have not received the refund like you and 4 other people have told me i would get,and have not gotten yet.Zoosk has a net worth of over $240,000,000.00..............$95.74 cents is not even going to put a dent in the zoosks account,So be so kind and just mail me a cashiers check for the amount of $ 95.74 cents,,to this gentleman.

PS. When i receive a cashiers check for the amount of $95.74 cents,,,,I will go on zoosk and let people know that its a good site to find love !

User's recommendation: dont sign up................

Monetary Loss: $96.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Zoosk Cons: Try to say theres alot of real people on their site, But there really isnt, I did meet and are seeing one woman off of zoosk.

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