Received suspicious dating scam interest in my profile on Zoosk. Responded, using a new Yahoo account (without my name attached). Individual's email address: rogerwatts1960@gmail.com. His language seemed suspicious so I cut and pasted the opening paragraph and found it linked to suspicious dating fraud. I've kept the emails but marked his email as SPAM. Not sure what else to do.

He sent me photos, but I'm sure they were not of him.

His profile disappeared the next day off of Zoosk (or perhaps he went invisible).

Left me with a bad taste for online dating. I'm worried this individual might do malicious activity. He wanted me to activate YAHOO Messenger which I did not. He gave me an international phone number and said it was from South Africa where he was doing business.

If you need copies of his emails, the international phone numbers, etc., let me know.

Product or Service Mentioned: Zoosk Online Dating.

Location: Berkeley, California

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Yes! I think my mom is talking to this guy! Please email her at pennilabute@comcast.net


You think your mom is a victim of online scams yet you post her private email address for all to see. Great work genius. Do you hate your mother?


Most of this people claiming to be military personels on dating sites are scammers. You find them on every dating sites , also on instagram.

I was involved in a romance scam that I lost a lot of money to the tune $500,000 . I advice you to always insist to see your alleged lover before any financial commitment. If you have lost money to this heartless con artists you can contact wealthrecovery94@gmail.com.

They recovered about 80% of my funds traced to the con artist that scammed me. Thank me later.


Mine was a pretty girl who lived in the US (her mom was from Minnesota, her dad from South Africa). She was listed as living in the US, but after talking for a brief minute informed me she was back in S.Africa for her father's funeral and was staying there until she met someone to settle down with in the US. Stopped all conversation immediately after that and her profile was down the next day.


Would love to compare photos. Just had run in with individual who sent the most beautiful emails.

Told me he is working on a pipeline in UK, but living in South Africa normally. Now need money. I haven't sent any as I don't have.

Would like to get as much info as possible about him. Can contact me on lynship3101@gmail.com


I'd love to compare photos about this guy too.. please email pennilabute@comcast.net


It is very difficult to meet soul mate, life has no meaning without love

On the other hand, many married people are disappointed and divorce nowdays.

dating to right person must be really difficult.

I tried online dating on http://www.meetsouls.com and http://www.angelreturn.com also http://www.erisdating.com

but no luck so far.


I believe my older Sister is being conned by a guy whom she met on zoosk, who is in Malaysia being held there as he had too big a pay cheque after working there as an engineer to be allowed to leave until verified!! I mean really and he has asked her to open bank accounts here in UK for his friend to put money in...!!

Major alarms going off here, but I can't get my Sister to see it....what to do.

Have looked up the guy's name Richard Russo on web, but comes up with nothing, I have a picture supposedly of him he sent to her as well! Where to go from here!


do you have a photo to post


I have also been on-line dating a Richard Russo.......same story re too big a pay cheque


I wasted a whole day talking to this man Jonathan J Stewart and he asked for money and then a western union thing. When I

refused he stopped talking to me.

I looked him up on checkmate.com and he is not the person belonging to that name. I'm trying to find where I can report him because he is still on Zoosk


Same story here in AUSTRIA two years later (!). Malaysia, Engineer, same name, forged passport copy, forged check copy.

The pictures he sends are not him! BEWARE!


I live in Qld Australia & he has also contacted me on POF a dating site, yesterday 21 Oct 2015. He said he lives in Brisbane.

Should have searched here first but he is obviously still at it of course (2 years later) - still using the line hugs & kisses in the right places. Sent a long email about his life. Also found him on facebook. He also wanted me to open Yahoo messenger I suggested Skype.

He said he lives in Brisbane & I am visiting Brisbane in two months, I suggested we met when I get there, so that may be interesting. I have had other guys from other dating sites try to *** me in the past but there is no way I would ever give a stranger money so he has picked the wrong person here.

I have only just sent the first email to him, so it will be interesting to see what happens next. I will advise POF that he is a scammer.


hmmmm. I've been receiving messages from him as well and he said he's in South Africa and wanted me to open Yahoo messenger and that he's a widower... Sound familiar????


OMG yes!!!!


Very familiar. 3 Kids in Kiev. Wife died of cancer 6yrs ago.


Yes my mum was also duped by this conman Roger. To good to be true usually is but lucky she had us to search him up. Same story he usually gives by looking at it.

Feel sorry for vulnerable woman who may look to get sucked in so going to try and plaster him everywhere we can so he's flagged up.

Useful tool is on google popping in a picture to search for you and he will pop up as the true *** artist he is.


I recently had a man on Zoosk try and scam me out of $500. He had said he had wanted to buy his nephew a $500 ITunes gift card for his nephews birthday.

When that didn't work he asked for my banking information. I didn't fall for his scam. Zoosk does have a section on their website that tells their members and potential members to watch out for scam artists.

I still have his email address and phone number. I'm considering reporting him to Zoosk so other women would be aware of scam and to avoid being scammed by him.


Thank you, thank you. I was suspicious when I was contacted on a dating site by a person who said he was Roger Watts with the same email address as mentioned...rogerwatts1960@gmail.com.

He said he was a global contractor working on a rig in Saldanha Harbour off Capetown South Africa. Said his wife died of Cancer and his 3 children lived in Ukraine. Also, that he was coming back to his home in Maryborough Queensland Australia when the job was finished. He listed his phone number as 01127603227298.

He has started ending his emails with "kisses and hugs in all the right places"! I have had numerous experiences of contacts from scammers and have always been suspicious from the start.

They all sound the same. I am so thankful to read the above...just good to know I was right to think that this man is a scammer.

Paris Hill


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