I've been on zoosk as a free member for a few months. I kept getting messages that my profile was being "viewed" by the same woman once or twice a day for a week.

I figured that she also has a free account so she couldn't message me - but it seemed she was checking me out. I decided to see if she was on facebook so I could contact her there. I found her on facebook (same pic). So I made a facebook friend request.

Well, she not only declined my friend request but also blocked me. Oops. LOL. Obviously, she wasn't interested.

Evidently, zoosk posts fake "views" from people whom you have viewed so that you will become a paying member and be able to contact them. Shame on you zoosk.

Now this woman probably thinks I'm some kind of stalker for tracking her down on facebook. Omy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Zoosk Profile.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Store Location: 989 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA

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There are many good , valid points discussed right here. I have seen the same thing in 1,5 YEARS i have been on zoosk.

I have also met in person 9 and yes I keep count.

9 very pretty women that I would not ordanarilly meet . Belive it or not the with best sex I met on eharmony.


Zoosk sucks. Not only do they generate fake views, they also generate fake likes and want-to-meets.

George d

I have the same issues and included messages that I get from people who never sent them. Also, as I'm browsing profiles, I see that I have sent them short messages before, which I haven't. How on earth can you know know who is really interested and who's not?


yea.. I had all these views too.

how come they never message me. I hate when Zoosk says someone viewe me. who cares.. if they arae interested wouldnt they message me.

so I am not interested in who viewed me. .


Very much a similar experience to what I've had.


Horrible dating site. I was robbed. And fake views are horrific


Zoosk most certainly adds fake views. I've contacted several people who supposedly had viewed me, and some had and some hadn't.

I would put it at about 1/4 of the views are fake.

Not sure of that percentage, but definitely sure they add the fakes. I'm definitely not paying any more money to a blatantly fraudulent company.


I don't care how many times I'd viewed someone on a dating site. If they tracked my down on Facebook I would freak the *** out. That's just messed up.


Well, I'm just so sorry. We can't all be as wonderful as you ! LOL


I'm pretty sure I'd be flattered. Someone willing to put that kind of time in at least deserves a chance.


"I decided to see if she was on facebook so I could contact her there" "I made a facebook friend request" Went straight to her Facebook account without having had any prior rapport/convo with her ? She most likely had no idea who you are.


Facebook allows you to send an introductory message. I sent a message explaining that I had seen her on zoosk so she would understand.

I thought she might be interested in me because zoosk said that she was viewing my profile one or two times a day for a week. This story isn't about me... or her...

or me being jilted. The point of the story, people, is that zoosk posts false views, presumably to get you to purchase a paying membership so that you can contact these people who are interested in you.


Everything he said is real. Similar thing happened to me.


Zoosk did exactly the same thing to me. In my case, one of the women was honest and kind enough to tell me that she had never looked at my profile more than once.

Zoosk, however, told me that she have viewed my profile repeatedly. Clearly, they lie.


I agree. Most of the “view” are computer generated.


How on earth did you find her on Facebook??


She had listed her first name in her profile and she was from a small town. That was enough to locate her on facebook.

She had viewable pictures. So I knew it was her. But she wasn't interested. Which, of course, is fine.

But zoosk said she was viewing my profile frequently. I'm guessing, probably not.


Funny not funny. The naturally beautiful women are generally fake.

The women with HIGHLY filtered photo's are the real folks.

Also, I keep deleting views and they keep popping up. It is like whack a mole!


Oh get over yourself. She was probably using your page as a means of increasing her pleasure while rubbing one out.

What kind of nut stalks out someone from an online dating service and then gets mad when they're blocked. You have too much time on your hands.


Sounds like you’re the nut who stalks women then says it’s their fault.

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