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I had tried Zoosk about 2 years ago and decided to try again. The problem before is even worse now. Members should have a license for phishing and catfishing... And to even try to navigate the site is a joke. The only thing you can do when you are searching is " Like, Not Like or wink - so, you receive all these "so and so liked you" and if you look then they get a message "so and so viewed you." It's the online dating version of a Ponzi... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 19
  • #884924

Annoying bad service spam emails , rude inn appropriate messages even when I block members they are only ever blocked for one day then the harass me again , customer service is awful have emailed 6 Times no one has Emailed me back , pathetic service . Will let everyone know of such terrible service and awful discusting dirty dating site it is !!!!! Absolutely disgusting and disappointing

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 10
  • #880000

Someone or Zoosk changed my profile name without my permission. Why?? I changed it back to the one I originally selected.

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Constant messages that people are viewing you and want to chat with you are big lies. As you attempt to reach out these people, you will find out they never did view you nor they attempted to chat with you that cause big embarrassment. As you attempt to delete those messages, you will find out they do appear again and again that you were just viewed by these people. Bunch of lies after lies. When you specify certain age group they show you... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 02
  • #875959

Zoosk, very hard to cancel off, and have to pay a lot of money to look at mail from other people. 100% not free big waste of money

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They sent two fake messages of two ladies quite attractive to get me to subscribe. I fell for it due to curiosity ! Subscribed for one month. The profiles before my subscription were quite attractive ladies. Once I subscribed it opened up a whole big box of ugly disgusting looking women. The profiles where of women that I just could not bear to look at. I never realize how much ugly was out there. This site generates fake profiles and messages... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 26
  • #872425

The guys were mostly old, ugly and only interested in sex. The pictures were bogus. The guy that walked up to my door was about 10 years older than the picture. Also, I am unable to deactivate the account even I followed all directions. I'm done!!

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 22
  • #869980

The site is mostly full of bogus profiles that are not current. The business practices are shady at best as they attempt to trick you into subscribing believing you have been contacted. Customer service is a joke and if you file against them with PayPal they'll block your account. (At least I got my money back!)

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  • Jun 16
  • Media
  • 154

There I no way that Zoosk doesn't fib with profiles. I had guys contacting me, asking me why I just view their profiles and never send a message or wink, guys who's profiles I never even reviewed for sure. On the other hand, when I wink or message somebody there is hardly any reaction, but those "people" that ignore your winks keep reviewing your profile every couple of hours, even during the night. How can that be, and how does that make any... Read more

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Don't do it they could care less about customer satisfaction. They just want your money! Don't do it! Find another reputable site! I cancelled my subscription and they still charged my credit card. When I asked if they would consider pro rating the service, that was not an option. Who does that. They can monitor and tell that you have not been on the site but they still want to charge you. That is certainly more about money than customer... Read more

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